Introduction: the Twitter Clone (setup).

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Once I get this installed on my server, look for an update to the instructable. Install is pretty much the same.

Ever wanted to have your own micro-blog just for friends or even more. Here is a quick set up of known for being a Twitter clone. This is best setup as the only web app on a server, but for home or small business use that is not always practical.

To get a feel of what we are doing, you may want to read:

Note: You will need admin rights to do all of this.You will want to do this on a lamp server and have phpmyadmin installed. You could probably set this up on an mswindows machine ina almost the same way. There are a zillion instrutables that use twitter for controling aruinos computers and etc. i.e.

Step 1: Getting the Software.

So go to your server and download the version you want to the root of your home directory.

Go to

Step 2: Installing the Program.

Notice the install instructions may vary since I first did this instructable. check the documentation for updates.

As I said You will want to have other programs installed on the server to make it more practical in a private setting. In a public setting you may one what the install only on the server on the web root.

$ cd /var/www/

You can make the web directory whatever name you want, but I chose sn1 for brevity.

:/var/www$ sudo mkdir sn1

:/var/www$ cd sn1

Install the files.

/var/www/sn1$ sudo tar -xzf ~/statusnet-1.1.1.tar.gz --strip-components=1

Go back one directory to set permissions.
/var/www/sn1$ cd ..
:/var/www$ sudo chmod a+w sn1

Go back into the directory to set additional permissions.
:/var/www$ cd sn1
:/var/www/sn1$ sudo chmod a+w avatar/ background/ file/

Instaledl the files, but we still have to set up the database and the software.

Get more details here: or

Step 3: Database Setup.

If you want to set up the user via the command line see this page as an example:

To set up the database you will need the folowing:
Servername: in most cases localhost will be fine.
Database name: statusnet
Database username: statusnet
Database password:  xxxxxxxxx

Now go to phpmyadmin and add a new user with the database also. enter in the data you just decided on.
Be sure to reload the privleges and then exit.

Step 4: The Install

Using a browser, you will want to go to the url of the file installation and use install.php


Fill in the information you have already used.

Then put in your admin information.

Submit and you should get a success screen.

Not finished yet.

Step 5: First Login.

You have logged in and now you can set up the looks and users the way your want. This install is or maynot be secure, so see for more details on how to do that.

Goood luck!

Step 6:

You can allegedly find the real source for twitter at:

Step 7: Update;

Statusnet is now known as GNU social.

The install seems to be about the same (wget