Introduction: Stay Safe Mix | Make Keyrings With Tinkercad: Wash Hands, Social Distancing and Wear Face Mask

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I designed this project for a 3D printing exploration program. Each participant will pick one of the three designs for 3D printing in two colors of their choices.


To design the keyrings, you only need a computer and a browser that works with WebGL.

Step 1: Make the Base

Drag a cylinder and tube from the Basic Shapes to your workplane. See pictures for dimentions. Assemble both pieces into one by first centering them with Align and then clicking Group. Put the finished part aside for later use.

Step 2: Make the Ring Hole

Drag a red box and a clear cyliner from Basic Shapes. Also add a ruler. See pictures for the specific dimentions and adjust the sizes accordingly. For the box shape, you need to make the corner round by changing the radius (see where the orange arrow is pointing to). Put the box at the ruler origin by setting both offsets to 0.00mm. Then merge the clear cylinder with the box, and set the cylinder's offset values from ruler original to the ones in orange ovals as shown in picture. After that, you can group them, and you can see a see-through hole. Put it aside.

Step 3: Put Base and Ring Hole Together

Now drag the base to the center of the Workplane. Then drag the rectangular ring to merge with it. You can eyeball it to find a nice position. Then align both pieces and group them together. Make two copies of the tag. In next step, we are going to add the text and the mask.

Step 4: Add Face Mask

Drag a copy of the tag. You are going to add a face mask on top of it. Drag a Workplane helper on top of the tag. You are now working on the yellow Workplane.

It is time to make the mask. Drag a red box and change the dimensions and radius. See the values in orange circle. After you type in all the values, you can align the mask and use group to attach it to the tag.

Step 5: Make the Elastic

Next, you are going to make the elastics on the mask. Drag a torus ring from Basic Shapes, and adjust the size to the numbers in the orange circles and rectangle. Also, drag a clear rectangle and make it overlap with the torus ring partially. Group them together. You get one elastic. Make a copy and use Mirror to flip one copy.

Step 6: Make Wear Face Mask Keyring

You just drag the elastics and attach them to the mask, and then group them. Now you have a Wear Mask Keyring! Yay!

Step 7: Make Wash Hands and 6-Feet Apart Keyrings

First drag a yellow workplane and drop it on top of a blank tag. Second, drag TEXT editor from Basic Shapes, and type in the word. Each word may need a different TEXT editor. You can adjust the size to your liking. The group each set of words with its tag. You are finished!