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Introduction: Steady Hand Buzzer Game

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Introducing the classic steady hand buzzer game.

Can you guide the loop around the wire shape without hitting the wire!?

Great game for year 7 or 8's to build as part of a basic electronics unit.

Step 1: Drawing Design

Draw your design onto MDF using PENCIL and mark holes to be drilled out for the LEDS

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill holes using the Drill Press. Remember to wear your eye protection.

IF YOU NEED TO CUT your shape out do it now using a SCROLL SAW!

Step 3: Joining

Your base and upright piece will be best joined like this so there is more surface area that can be glued and pinned.

Drill small holes using a hand drill for your buzzer wire.

Step 4: Sanding

Sand the base side that will join to the upright. This needs to be completely flat and can be checked using a SET SQUARE. If there are no gaps you know it’s good and 90°.

Step 5: Glueing and Pinning

Apply some wood glue onto the base edge and join to the upright.

Then use 3-4 25mm panel pins and a small hammer to join the two together.

Step 6: Clamping

Next we need to clamp the pieces together for between 30 mins and an hour depending on the temperature.

MISTAKE When hammering in my panel pin it wasn’t in the middle of the base material and SPLIT my MDF!!! Make sure yours is in the middle of the material!

Step 7: Sanding (again)

Sand the glued connection flat using the belt sander.

Step 8: Drilling

Drill a hole for your wire that will connect to the handle, using the drill press.

Paint your base and background. You should be wearing an apron, and should use a piece of newspaper under your work. Clean your brush.

Step 9: Drilling Cont.

VERY CAREFULLY drill your bottom hole for your wire into the base piece.

Use the existing hole, you are just making it deeper.

Step 10: Bending the Wire

Bend wire using 2 pliers and your hands.


Insert into your holes to check the shape. One end should go into the base and one through the MDF.

Step 11: Hot Glue

Use a hot glue gun to glue the buzzer component in place.

NOT the BATTERY as you need to buy your own.

Strip the plastic off the buzzer wires to expose more wire inside.

Step 12: Copper Tape

Stick on copper tape and insert LEDs into drilled holes.

Label the positive and negative to help you later.

Wrap your positive RED wire from the buzzer around the copper wire that comes through the hole in the MDF. Solder this connection.

Step 13: Circuit

Solder the other connections, using either copper tape or soldering components directly together.

Take your time with the soldering keeping it as neat as possible!

Step 14: Cut Wire

Cut of a strip of wire approximately 300mm (30cm).

Strip both ends using the wire stripper.

Step 15: Connecting the Wire

Connect this wire to the POSITIVE RED wire from the battery connector.

Solder these wires together and then tightly wrap electrical tape around these wires.

Step 16: Buzzer Handle

Bend your loop into your buzzer handle.

Thread the wire through your hole in the MDF and wrap the exposed wire around your buzzer handle.

Solder this wire on and tape up tightly.

Step 17: Tidying Up

Using a hot glue gun, glue around the wire and the hole.

Tape down and loose wires using electrical tape.

Step 18: TEST IT OUT!!


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