Steak Tartare - Charles Bronson Style

Introduction: Steak Tartare - Charles Bronson Style

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You're a meat-lover? You're not afraid to try out something new? You're tired of chicken-wings? Well this might just spice up your day.

We created for you a mind-blowing Steak Tartare: combination of Eastern European delicatessen and Charles Bronson's tatar heritage that just made it even tougher.

If you have "I-am-all-into-trying-out-something-new" people coming to dinner, this is something to create and have them amazed. 

Check the Short Recipe

350-400g of nicely chopped sirloin (more than enough for 4-5 people if its a starter)
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 Egg Yolk, 1 mid sized finely cut Onion and 1 finely cut Garlic
Red paprika powder (gives a bit sour taste to it)
Chilli paprika (if you want to make it spicier, and I would always prefer fresh over dried)
Salt, Pepper, Mustard and Worcester Sauce (the latter I use only rarely, few drops of it)
Parsley, Tomato, red and green paprika (for decoration, or as a side)
Butter and Toast bread

Butter, cucumbers, parsley, tomato and the green paprika comes to the equation later so put them aside. If you are waiting for a party of people, put the onion and garlic aside too, you don't want to ruin their night out. Everyone can add it on their own during dinner.

Cut everything else really finely, and mix it together in a bowl. Experiment a bit with chili, pepper, and mustard (and onion and garlic if you want to) until you get the taste you're looking for. What works for me is if it's spicy. A bit more chili, a bit more pepper. Use parsley to decorate the meat on your plate, cucumbers, tomatoes and paprika on the side. Visually great, tastes even better.

Serve with fresh prepared toast and a bottle of Shiraz.

Time Spent
45 minutes

For the complete story click on the Eastern Europe Lifestyle Magazine link.

Bon apetite.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    There is a variation with horse meat too, but personally I prefer beef over ... well, over anything else ;)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Chap made this on UK TV last night, except he used actual horse, not beef.