Introduction: Stealth Bluetooth Phone!

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Want to get away with talking on your phone when your not supposed to?
Then lets put a Bluetooth headset in an phone!

Your going to need:

 - A bluetooth headset
 - Big phone of some kind
 - Soldering iron
 - solder
 - wire strippers 
 - hot glue

Step 1: Open Headset

First step is to open the Bluetooth headset and find the microphone and headphone connections.
You want to solder wires to the headphone and microphone connections. Now open the handset on the phone and find out what wires are for the microphone and what wires are for the speaker. Inside the phone body solder your headphone wires and mic wires to the correct wires on the phone jack.

My camera ran out of battery when I was taking photos so sorry if some of the pics are not detailed enough. 

Step 2: Hook Up Bluetooth Button

Now your Bluetooth headset might vary from mine I had a simple one it just had volume and a multifunction button. All we want to focus on is the multifunction button the volume buttons can be adjusted and then left alone. There are many ways to go about hooking this button up you could unsolder the button and connect it to one on the phone (tricky the buttons normal have many pins and are surface mount). You could put it right under some flexible plastic on the phone body so when you push it in it pushes the button. In my case I found a little plastic piece that pushed out every time I pushed any on the buttons on the keypad. So I hot glued the headset so that the plastic piece could push the button when I pushed a key. So basically there are many ways to go about this so you will just have to figure it out.

I wish I could have a picture of what I am talking about but I built this a year ago and didn't take photos.

Step 3: Charging

Now to figure out how to charge the headset. The easiest way of doing this is solder some wires to the charging port connection on the headset and wire them to the existing power jack on the phone. Then just wire your charging cable to the plug for the phone power jack. In my case I didn't have a power jack and the batterer was fried on the headset anyways so I put together a battery pack and regulated it down to the correct voltage with a simple voltage divider. Again this all really depends on what phone your using. 

Step 4: Switch

If your battery is broken like mine was, the voltage divider is always using power so it will drain the batteries pretty quick if your not using it so I had to wire in a switch.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Now were ever you go you can talk on the phone and people with think it all a joke!
Works perfect for school ;)!!

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