Introduction: Stealth Coffee Table

The dimension: Width 40 x Length 70 x Height 42 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will use the checker plate and make into the modern coffee table. The black top of the coffee table is left up from the legs with the red nuts and bolts. It looks different. The edges and angle look more like the Stealth plane. The modern coffee table can be use in any rooms and can be decorated piece as well. It will make your room look good and it easy to make. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do The Stealth coffee table’s project.

1. Checker plate, nuts and bolts (4 inch long) and washers.

2. Spray paint (flat black, red).

Step 1: Draw and Cut and Bend

First draw out the dimension for the coffee table. Next I cut the metal sheet with the metal grinder tool to the dimension 40 X 70 centimeters. In this case I make the edges longer 2.5 centimeters all side. So I can bend for the edge to make it more stronger, but some area is still flex a little. Then I reinforce with the same material by bend into V shape and welded the same length of the piece and 2 pieces of the width (welded from under). For the leg, I draw on the cardboard to find the nice angle of the edge and the right height of the leg, then I fold the cardboard to find the angle, the top wide 7 centimeters and the bottom wide 3.5 centimeters and the length is 35 centimeters. Now I cut the checked plate into the leg and fold 90 degree (same as the cardboard) and then cut the triangle for the top and the bottom (dimension can be measure from the leg). Now I weld the triangle piece to structure to bridges on both sides at the top and bottom of the leg.

Step 2: Spray Paint and Assembly.

Next I spray paint flat black on the top piece and the legs. Now for the nuts and bolts and washers, I spray paint it red. Then I assemble the top and the leg together with 4 inches bolt. The space between the table top and the leg (if want more gap then place the nuts at the bottom of the bolt). I arrange the way I assemble the table top + washer + nut, then leave the gap, and place the nut + washer + the leg + washer + nut at the bottom. Now it done (Note: If the metal is thicker, the leg is wider, and the spacing of nuts and bolts are farther apart, it will make it more stable). The modern coffee table can be use in any room or it can be use in different function as well. The color flat black and the red nuts and bolts look cool in these colors.

Thank you.

Special Thanks to: Mr. Noom

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