Introduction: Stealthy Altoids Tin Grooming Kit

The Stealthy Altoids Tin Man Grooming Kit , is perfect for keeping in your desk or car for those times when you really need it.


Knife or scissors
Hot glue gun


Altoids tin, color of choice
Colgate wisp toothbrush
Fingernail clippers
Razor blade
Pocket sized travel mirror
Altoids Smalls
Free sample of cascade tooling foam
or anything you find necessary on the go!

Step 1: Foam Layers

First trace the shape of the altoids tin onto one of the pieces of tooling foam.

Next cut the piece out, cut inside the lines so it will fit inside the tin.

Repeat the process twice more, two layer on the bottom and one on the top.

I did two red and one black.

Step 2: The Mirror

The mirror I found was a little big, so i cut the top piece of foam into two pieces to make room,  I also cut a strip from the bottom of the foam to allow the top to swing over and the tin to close.

Next I used hot glue to set the two pieces in place.  I cut some small pieces of the black foam to act as supports for the mirror so that it would be at close to the same height as the foam. 

Adding a drop of hot glue to each of the black foam supports, glue the mirror in place.

Step 3: The Tools

Now, lay out the tools to get an idea of how they will fit. 

Next begin tracing and cutting out the shape of the tools

Make sure to leave some room to keep the Altoids Smalls.

Apply a small amount of hot glue to the back of the cut out foam(Black), attach to the lower layer(Red)

Now apply some glue to the bottom of the Altoids tin and set the red and black piece together against the glue.

Step 4: The Kit!

Now it is time to populate the kit. 

Fill all of the spaces in with the appropriate tools, and prepare to impress with your newly found discretely well groomed appearance on the go!

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