Introduction: Steam Punk Robot

Like any fun project, this came about as a creative outlet, and a step toward learning how to remote control a car or other electronics.

  • The goals include
  • sourcing parts and
  • incorporating powerful off the shelf A. I. with internet of things (IOT).
  • learning how to make a smartphone user interface


  • a mobility scooter for the base upon which to build your creation
  • look at thrift stores and estate sales and your local retirement community
  • I used and antique automotive gasoline powered heater for the head
  • a mannequin body with some borrowed leather and brass
  • used Prius batteries or whatever you can get your hands on
  • an amazon alexa dot
  • an arduino nano
  • an arduino esp8266
  • optional servos for head movement
  • optional wifi interface for smartphone remote using " remoteXY"

Step 1: Wheel Encoders

If you want to know how far a wheel has moved , then add an encoder to it and count the pulses.

there is a video linked below.

Step 2: Some Failures

I experimented with linear actuators for head movement, they are expensive at around 119 $ each, and my steel head was a bit too heavy for realistic movement.

the video shows heavy duty servos installed instead.

this image is before a pixycam was installed where the nose would be

Step 3: Motor Control Is Bts7960

just search for "HiLetgo BTS7960 43A High Power Motor Driver Module/Smart Car Driver Module for Arduino Current Limit"

or you could just look at this instructable controller

Step 4: Using Node MCU

there are many instructables and this is one of them for using a nodeMCU

wireless iot

Step 5: RemoteXY Is a User Interface You Build Yourself for Your Smartphone

I went right to the remoteXY site, but here is another one right here on INSTRUCTABLES


Step 6: Animated Eyes

Adafruit has the parts for the eyes

teensy eyes

I found the software to be " not for beginners"

Step 7: The Video

we call her "AbBy" because AutoBeYours is abbreviated ABY .

there are more AutoBeYours videos, just search for me , I am Steve Woodruff

only the first 2 minutes are cellphone video, it gets better.

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