Introduction: SteamPunk Keyboard K1.

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Manual for building your own steampunk-keyboard.

Ask if you're interested, I will describe some mathods "how-to-do".

This keyboard was build two years ago as custom order for one good man that we became friends with after.

What is the difference between this keyboard and the other ones? This:

Check my instagram - now new keyboard under constraction

1. You can use old "classical" 101 mechanical keyboard like "donor". AT IBM

2. Quest is to hide all ugly parts and decorate to make it "Steampunked"

3. Internal USB hub...

Step 1: Buttons.

All buttons were fabricated using my old lathe from one piece of brass.

When Brass part is ready - clean and polish it.

Then print letters on transparent film.

Cut out letters carefully.

Prepare polimer glue.

Place drop of polimer on button, place one letter on button, cover with polimer....

Wait 24 hours.

NOTE!!! If polimer will polimerized partial or will have deffects there are two methods to remove it from the brass button.

1. Use cutter (button will be a little damadged);

2. Use very hot air and polymer will fall out.

Step 2: Preparing Keyboard

Disassemble keyboard. Remove all buttons and parts.

Step 3: How to Connect AT Keyboard to Usb and Usb Hub

In the web there are many "methods" how to connect a keyboard to USB, but.... But for real normal work you'll need PS2-TO-USB converter. You connect your AT keyboard to PS2 then to USB.

In my case I decided to use converter and add USB-hub to my project.

I bought made-in-china 1$ USB-hub and fully disassembled it. I did the same with converter.

And created new Circuit.

Check comments on photos.

Step 4: USB to HUB Cable and Connector

What you'll need on this step:

1. lathe or drill for making connector;

2. for cable i used HIGH quality usb cable. With goldplated connector;

3. I use old steel braid from uncnown cable


1. Brass connector' making.

2. Clean donor cable from unused connector and connector parts.

3. Use scotch tape to protect goldplated usb connectro from mounting damadge.

4. Dress up USB cable into braid.

5. Add brass connector

6. Fix brass and USB connector using polimer.

7. Remove scotch.

Step 5: Parts of the Case

For this parts (external case) i use oak tree.

Step 6: Upper Plate

For this part i used wood board with cutted square holes.

Thickness 4mm (millimeters). This part is dirrectly above keyboard circuit.

On this part is glued veneer with circle holes.


Square hole, 4mm is that distance that button goes from on-to-off state and back.

Circle hole - for brass button.

Step 7: Keyboard State Dions, Decoration

Carve mushroom part from brass. Drill it and install it just above the diods. Add a drop of polimer to the hole. It will create fiber effect.

Step 8: Final Assembly

This keyboard was created more than 2 years ago.

Check my instagram - now new keyboard under constraction

If someone want to buil your own keyboard - i can attach STL files for case cutting

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