Introduction: Steampunk Light Bulb Piggy Bank

About: Carnegie Mellon Design + HCI
After thinking about this idea for a while i decided to take the time out of my busy end of school schedule to make it. This entire structure is a removable light bulb holder  which coins can fall into such as a regular piggy bank. It is more on the decorative side but serves a practical purpose.

Step 1: Materials

1. Light bulb (clear)
2. Light bulb encasement
3. About two yards of copper pipe
4. Four elbow joints that fit the specific copper pipe.
5. Mortar or Concrete mix
6. A brick
7. a small plastic container (about 3 times size of brick
8. Plastic wrap/ Aluminum foil
9. Metal Work Solder
10. Card Board
11. Great Stuff insulating foam(or any other type of mold casting material)

1. Dremel with grinding bit, disk cutting bit, and polisher
2. Hot Glue
3. Pipe Cutter, specific to your pipe size
4. Box Cutter
5. Blow Torch

Step 2: Preparing the Light Bulb

This whole step is probably the most difficult the whole process is done to make a quarter (the largest coin in USA) fit inside.
You want to put the light bulb inside of a vice for easier cutting.
Take your dremel and cut out the metal part of the light bulb so that there is half an inch of thread left on it. After that you will realize that there is a glass tube in the center, i ended up taking this out with a nail but you have to be care full to not break any thing els out besides the glass tube. After that you can feel free to make the coin slot with out any problem.

Make sure a quarter can fit in

Step 3: Preparing the Light Bulb Encasement

The first thing you want to do if you have the same model light bulb encasement as me is trim down the nubs that hold the entire configuration. After that the metal piece should slide out leaving the plastic behind. You then want to remove the plastic ontop of the metal piece.
You can see an example of the plastic which needs to be removed along with the brass connections in the 3rd photo.

You want to end up with the metallic piece and the plastic piece, i hot glued these together in the end. Make sure a quarter fits through.

Dry fit the bulb that you prepared with this piece, a quarter should fit through nicely.

Step 4: Preparing Copper Pipe

Your goal in this step is to set the frame of the entire structure with copper pipe.
This will involve using a blow torch so be careful!
Begin by cutting down 4 pieces of pipe to about 8 inches, smooth out the sharp edges that the pipe cutter leaves with a dremel and dry fit each piece in the configuration below. 
You will notice that you need a small piece in between the two elbow joints. F
Find the brick that you have as a template and fit the piece accordingly.

Heat the area which you want to fuse and prod the area with small amounts of solder, it should slowly fuse ( dont be afraid to make the solder mark messy, it will just add to the steam punk affect.

Step 5: Casting the Mold

1. Plastic wrap 
2. Great Stuff insulating foam
3. Safety glasses/respirators/Gloves 
4. A brick
5. Plastic tub

1. Wrap the brick inside of the plastic wrap. 
2. Place it directly in the center of the plastic tub.
3. Put on all your safety equipment just for precaution.
4. Go ahead and fill in the gaps between the brick and the walls of the tub.
5. Wait 8 hours and remove the brick, the entire insulating foam block should fall out easily.

Step 6: Casting the Concrete Frame

You want to take the Great stuff mold and line it with plastic wrap, mix your concrete and pour it in to about the hight of a brick, after you are done place the copper pipe inside so that it stands strait up and vertical. Use the photos below as a reference.  wait about 8 hours and simply slide the great stuff mold off the top. and remove the plastic surrounding it.

Step 7: Finishing Concrete Layer:

1.Light bulb housing
2. Concrete mix
3. Card board.
4. Plastic wrap
5. Masking tape

1. make the copper rods stand even on a table by covering them with aluminum foil.
2. Flip the entire structure over and slide the Great stuff mold over it.
3. After dry fitting that remove the mold and cut out a piece of card board that fits inside of the structure, lay it down flat on the side of the structure with the elbow joints.
4 . Lay down the great stuff mold again. 
5. Cover the bottom of the card board with plastic wrap
6. To prepare the light bulb housing place a piece of tape on the open end, use the photos below as a reference.
7. Lay it down flat on the plastic covered card board.
8. Fill up the mold, but make sure no plastic comes between the copper pipe and the concrete.
9. Wait 8 hours for it to set, you can use what ever left over you have to smooth out any imperfections on the first mold.
10. Rip open the great stuff mold and take out your structure.

Step 8: Polishing Finish!

Using a grinding bit for the dremel, and a polishing bit i was able to clean up the copper pipe and trim down any odd looking concrete that had already set. Now all you have to do is line up the light bulb with the housing slit and remove the masking tape to reveal a coin slot.