Introduction: Steamed Pasta

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I used a water steamer that I purchased at Aldi many years ago. My parents often used this cooker to steam fish.

You can see the final outcome of steamed paste in the photo above after many hours of steaming. Different steamers will take different amount of time to steam the pasta. However, if you are cooking pasta without water then you will need to be patient and use a lot of power.

Each steamer cycled is about 1 hour. After each cycle the water evaporates and you need to add more water. Otherwise the steamer might burn and fail. Thus do not forget to refill the steamer with water after each cycle.

I used a lid for this steamer that you do not see in the photos.


Steamer, pasta, water.

Step 1: Day 1

After about six hours of steaming the pasta is still not ready.

You can see that the pasta is still small and a bit hard.

Step 2: Day 2

Now you can see that the pasta have increased in size after one and a half days of steaming.

After tasting the pasta I thought it was still harder than the one that you cook in water in just 10 minutes.

Thus, you try more hours of steaming and see what happens.