Introduction: Steampunk Bonsai

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Due to CITE exhibit week, I was asked to create something artsy. The exhibit's main theme is green engineering. As much as I would want to create an interactive art installation piece, I was left with no other choice but to stick with making something really simple. It was an abrupt request. Actually, I was just asked about this yesterday so I decided to try steampunk sculpture and recycle old electronics. My attempt at being a steampunk artist and I hope you'll like it.

I wouldn't want to complicate on things the reason why after learning about the main theme, I followed the very first thing that popped in my head. I decided to make a bonsai.


1) A tray or low-sided pot. For this project I used low-sided pot just because it is available around the house.
2) 18 and 16 gauge tie wire for the skeleton of the bonsai.
3) Spray paint. I used colors bronze and copper to make it look more steampunk.
4) Used electronics. Try to acquire gears. Gears are probably one of the vital part to make your artwork look more steampunky.
5) Newspaper for stuffing the skeleton.
6) Respirator mask for spray painting.
7) Other needed material such as phillips screwdriver, cutter, glue gun/stick, epoxy, duct tape.

Step 2: Form the Bonsai Skeleton.

Bend the 16 gauge wire and form the skeleton of the bonsai on top of the tray or low-sided pot. Use the 18 gauge to hold the 16 gauge wires together as you bend and make out the shape of the bonsai. Don't mind the imperfections on bending the wire. It would all make sense in the end.

Step 3: Patch the Skeleton With Any Part of Your Used Electronics.

Step 4: Continue on Patching the Bonsai Skeleton Until You Are Satisfied.

After patching, secure the skeleton by using duct tape and then stuff the base of the low-sided pot with the rest of the used electronics and then spray them with the copper paint.

Step 5: Prepare Your Gears to Be Spray Painted.

Spray your gears with the bronze paint while waiting for the bonsai to dry. A different yet close color to copper would make your gears pop out.

Step 6: Cut a Strip of Newspaper for the Bonsai Leaves.

Step 7: Wrap the Strip of Newspaper Around the Remaining Bonsai Branches.

Step 8: Spray the Rest With Copper Paint and Attach the Gears Wherever It Seems to Fit Aesthetically.

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