Introduction: Steampunk CFLED (Close Focus Light Emiting Drill) Aka the SLB (Steampunk Light Blaster)

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Its a steampunk styled laser..
I call it a "drill" mainly because
1) I don't like guns.
2) the laser I used in it is a 250mw red -
which people often use for burning,etching,etc...

Though I do admit that after adding the handle it does look like a blaster!

The Backstory:

The CFLED works by the reaction between conductive Dysprosine (vaporized by the electric current) with crystallized Catanite, which results in a bright red light being produced - this reaction is quite violent (which is why the CFLED burst into flames the first time I tested it) - To keep this reaction contained the M.F.F.G (Magnetic Flux Field Generator) was added.

The bright red light that is produced by the reaction is so closely focused through the optics that it can drill through the Æther. This is useful for testing potential materials for trans-dimensional travel. The CFLED can also be used for hunting trans-dimensional creatures (like the famed dragons) that travel through the Æther.

That is the Æther?

Well, Æther is a naturally occurring energy-matter... in a plasma state, that flows across the Universes. (Incl. Parallel ones) It basically acts like a insulator between the various Planes (of reality).... while it's an insulator or cushion, it does allow electromagnetic waves to pass through, and with the help of various devices we can use it to send information instantaneously across various dimensions and space... Sometimes this network is referred to as the Æthersphere,Æthernet, or as I call it the Ætherweb.

The Æther also allows not only instantaneous communications, but with developing technology and the help of tools,clothing and weapons made specially for travel by Æther, we can travel instantaneously using this method.... It is also purported that one can transverse time in a similar manner, though at this point in our timeline, such devices don't currently exist or are closely guarded.

PHOTOS and NOTES are best viewed in the SLIDESHOW MODE.

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