Introduction: Steampunk Calligraphy Pen

In this instructables I will be showing you how to make your own nice looking steampunk calligraphy pen. So you can go back to school in style.

This is my first instructables so please feedback to what you like and what i could have done better.

Step 1: Materials

Material you will need:
-1 calligraphy Nib
-2 Gears
-1 foot of thin leather strips
-20 gauge jewelry wire
-Gold or silver candy wrapper
-super glue ( I used Gorilla Super Glue)
-something to cut ( I use razor knife)
-used or new led pencil (you can use normal pencil but it looks nicer with led pencil)

Step 2: Start

Pull out the center and leave the eraser in. Any color is okey because we will be covering the whole thing.

Cut the top of the eraser off so that it is flat on top.

Next we will be pressing the nib into the top of the eraser so that we can see where we will need to be cutting into the plastic.

Step 3: Cutting and Covering

Cut the back side of where the eraser goes in so that the nib can be fully inserted. This is needed for more support for the nib so it will not bend when writing. 

Take your thin leather strip and spiral down the led pencil. Just enough from where you hold it to where the back of your hand may rest I use a little under a foot. This is needed for comfort you may want to add something with compression underneath to give more comfort on your fingers.

Glue both sides down but be careful not to glue the nib in place or block where the nib comes through the backside of the eraser.

Then carefully cut around the edges to make endings nice and smooth.

Step 4: Covering Ends and Gears

Smooth out your candy wrapper that you will be using. Then cut a small strip to place around the top part of the led pencil. I used supper glue to keep the wrappers on but also make sure not to cover where the nib is placed.

Using your razor knife cut any extra wrapper that is covering the leather or press it down so it is not covering.

Place to gears at end of led pencil so they are touching each other side by side but not right under each other. Then glue them down.

Step 5: Adding Chain Rings

The last step is to glue copper rings around the end of the leather.

Then connect chain rings together to make a chain.

Attach the chain from one copper ring to one of the back sides of the gears so that it spirals down behind the gears.

Step 6: Finished

There you have it your very own Steampunk Calligraphy Pen. Here is my first Calligraphy pen i made if you want some ideas from this one. 

This is my first instructables and would love feedback what you like and what i need to do better.
I will be making another one soon for refillable pens if enough people enjoyed this one.

Hope you enjoyed.

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