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Introduction: Steampunk Cheese Cutter

If you are planning on hosting a steampunk themed absinthe & cheese party, and everything else in your home is already steampunk-ified, considering adding a steampunk cheese cutter to your appetizer table!

My sister-in-law’s father passed away last week, and we had a get-together at his home to celebrate his life. Dan King was an engineer by trade and a craftsman at heart, and he built many beautiful devices for his home and his family. These are photos of a cheese cutter he made, which I think has a distinctly steampunk quality to it.

He didn’t invent this design, but rather made a beautiful reproduction from a gift he received. (If you know anything about the original designer, please post in the comments so I can credit the creator). This design is simple yet, elegant, and Dan made a number of these for his family.

If you decide to make one, this will certainly make for a wonderful conversation piece at your absinthe and cheese gathering! And if you do make one, please post a photo in the comments.

In loving memory of Dan King; brother, husband, father, grandfather and master-craftsman, 1945 - 2011.

• Small piece of hard-wood (maybe cedar), about 4" by 6"
• Three brass screws
• Piece of wire (piano wire or guitar string would work)
• Brass thumb-bolt and nut
• Brass hook latch eye

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I really want to make these for presents this year but have NO idea how, what you did to make the brass dowels that hold the guitar string along the long edge. I have the brass dowels but cannot figure how to make the slice in them to hold the string. Please help :-) I've attached a pic of one I bought but I can't afford to buy any more of them!

Winged Fist
Winged Fist

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Patti, What you've got so far looks great! I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but this was actually made by my sister-in-law's father who passed away a few years back, so I can't go to the source to answer your question. But if I had to venture a guess, I would say you have two options: A very thin hack saw blade or a rotary cutting tool like a Dremel. My preference would be the Dremel... Good luck and please post a photo of your finished product! Dan King would be proud to know his cheese cutter concept lives on;-)


9 years ago on Introduction

These wire cheese cutters are awesome. I did one years ago, I used a steel wire from a bicycle brake (a monofilament). Tt is still in use without problems.

Aeon Junophor

Hi winged fist

I´sorry about it and I´m with you. My father in law has also started his last walk (breast cancer) and we all hope that we can celebrate christmas all together.

Very practical and steamy looking. It´s a great idea to honor Dan King by presenting this project.

I bend my knee

Aeon Junophor

Winged Fist
Winged Fist

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Junophor – Thanks as always for your kind words...