Introduction: Steampunk Christmas Candle

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This was a quick project most any one can do it involves off the shelf items and a simple format.
I'm not doing a step by step because my friend Aeon Junophor has explained how to wire the flash units in his instructable.

The rest is cosmetic.

The only thing I did differently was I used two flash units in parallel.

I did replace the small red indicator led on the flash unit with a five mm LED clear blue bulb,
this goes dimmer as current output increases, so the effects are a little more enjoyable as you
make bigger plasma traces with your fingers.

The body is a tunafish can with copper sheeting soldered to the exterior, it serves as the High Voltage ground.

The flicker flash bulb had it's base removed and the dropping resistor taken out. (broke my first bulb in trying this)

Needless to say the flash units produce a low current high voltage so you may get a nip if not careful.

The whole project costs about 8 dollars US with most of it being the 6 dollar bulb.

For a small project this one is really quite relaxing, in a low light room the plasma traces are fun to manipulate,
and the blue lights going up and down in relation to how much plasma you choose to pull is quite soothing.

The wire is an accessory to light it up in the absence of human contact.

Many thanks to my friend Junopor for helping me with this project!

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