Introduction: Steampunk Gas Mask

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           For the latest Gentleman's Challenge on Brass Goggles, we were supposed to create a device for a post-apocalyptic scenario in a steampunk world. I decided to go with a gas mask, inspired by Tom Banwell's steampunk gas masks. After sketching out various designs, I decided upon one and made a pattern, which I cut out of vegetable-tanned leather using a box-cutter.
          To sew the pieces together, I used the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl, which, while faster than a normal sewing needle, did not have the speediness implied the name. After sewing the pieces together, I intended to shape it by wetting the leather then placing it on a form. Attempts to do so failed, so I shaped it by adding darts in the mask, creating a bowl-like shape that sort of fits my face.
         The filter is a grate that I found at the hardware store, attached to a sleeve of leather with nuts and bolts. I attached the filter to the mask with brass L-brackets, which ended up looking quite nice.
       The lenses are plastic circles from old welding goggles glued into metal gaskets that I found at the hardware store. The gaskets are attached to the mask through three drilled holes.
        The strap fastens using two D-rings I bought when I bought the leather. The strap is just a strip of leather cut to the right size that folds back into the D-rings.
        Overall, I spent about $30 and 40 hours on this project.