Introduction: Steampunk Grandmother Clock

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When I found this imitation pendulum clock at the local tip, I instantly had big ideas for steampunking it. It would also go perfectly alongside my steampunk Grandfather clock!

Step 1: Components

I had an LCD picture frame/ photo viewer laying around so I had an idea of how I could incorporate it into my clock. I also had a few circuit boards, a couple of hard drives and other tech parts spare.

The LCD picture frame, when not loaded with a flash drive or SD card, will display the time and date. It was also the perfect size for the clock and would replace the anologue clock face. The other parts would be just for asthetics and mounted below the clock face where they would be displayed in the glass front.

Step 2: Disassembling the Clock.

First of all, I took out the clock face and quartz clock mechanism. This left an empty clock with a nice glass door, perfect for displaying the circuit boards I had on hand. There were some nice gold coloured corner decorations around the analogue face. I took these off and they fitted the lcd display perfectly. Lots of hot glue was needed for this project!

Step 3: Assembling the Components in the Case

I was lucky as the LCD display fitted so well, no modifying was needed, just lots of hot glue! I fed the power lead for the LCD display through a hole that I drilled in the back of the clock. Then I just had to choose what layout best worked with the parts and old circuit boards that I had lying around. I didn't use the old hard drive in the end as there wasn't much room left.

And it was as simple as that. Further modifications I intend to make are to have the circuit boards lit up with LED's.