Steampunk Halloween Costumes

Introduction: Steampunk Halloween Costumes

About: Graphic Designer/Physicist in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. I specialize in Photoshop fantasy creations. I always need some work if you need something designed. My website has contact information

I was broke this year and cycled through my old costumes and took some pictures while they were out of he box. My partner and I went out this year in our costumes we made in the summer. Luckily they are warm enough for snow. I took a few shots of the jetpacks and goggles before it got dark I will make a full tutorial for the new parts (gun is done already) when I get the time.

I recycled all the parts and put them together myself (when it was warmer). Great for hallowen and cons.

The one with the long gun is me as Draco Flambeau - Sky Pirate, and the other ismy partner Joël Larose as Etienne Rivot.

I will be making a book on steampunk art after my successful book on sci fi fantasy. If you have steampunk pictures let me know. The portal to my steampunk site will soon be at along with my other sites of art like this costume and other tutorials i have done for instructables.

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    The Rambler
    The Rambler

    6 years ago on Introduction

    I see a ripped up electric motorcycle in there. Hilarious and yet perfect for the application. I've seen a couple of those old laser tag guns kicking around at my in-laws too. Good idea to use those.