Introduction: Steampunk Ink Pen. or Second Life of Old Pen

About: Steampunk artist, scientist, engineer

Steampunk ink Pen. Or Second life of old pen.

The story: How to give a second life to your old favorite pen?

This ink pen was custom built to bring to life gold plated ink pen from 196x. Customer order: " Build it with real balance and maximum usage of old parts as simple as you possibly can. Without any decoration." All parts were created from one brass piece using lathe machine. Wall sickness ranging from 1mm to 0,3 mm. It took a long time for me to build it to the spec and reach the maximum satisfaction of customers order.

What you need:

1. If you have later you will need one solid piece of brass.

2. If you have no latre you'll need brass pipes, sheet brass.

3. Screw tap and die.

4. Soldering iron.

Step 1: What Inside Old Pen

1. Clean pen (ultrasonic bath)

2. Disassembly pen

3. Clean again (i used C2H5OH)

On photo all parts of old pen

Step 2: Step 2

Check comments on photo

Step 3: Step 3

In this step you'll need

1. Drills M8-M12

2. Tap and Die (if you'll need check on ebay)

3. Epoxy glue

Step 4: Finish

This is really small pen