Steampunk Ipod/Lamp Box

Introduction: Steampunk Ipod/Lamp Box

Old clock box and horn from thrift store and a few extras, added a light to it as well enough just to make a room comfy  , had to put a shade in front of it as it was to bright. Quickly made to see how it would turn out, with a few mods and some work it looks not bad for a start, will prob remove the bracket hanging over the edge on the top left and add an Ipod holder somewhere?
Sounded pretty good with a little speaker with a  make shift funnel going into the tube inside the box.
Still working on this, just figured I'd share and see if any one had any ideas for me, thanks.

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    Winged Fist
    Winged Fist

    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking start for a very unique Steampunk work of art!

    I would suggest that with better photos and description, this would likely garner many more views. I would suggest photographing it in a less distracting background, like in front of a wall or resting a dark cloth. And adding a bit more detail, i.e. how it works.

    (I would suggest switching the lead photo photo with the 9th photo in this series, as that photo is a better close-up with less background, and the 1st photo is the one that is used to promote your project).

    You might also want to consider replacing the power cable with a more vintage looking cloth covered cable. You can buy this type of cable pre-made, or make your own with a shoelace or paracord.

    Looking forward to seeing an expanded version of this Instructable!;-)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hello and yes the sound goes through the horn. I just plug in a speaker(small one) in the Ipod head phone jack and place it inside the box near the opening of the tube I solder to the box and horn.