Introduction: Steampunk Lamp

This is a small steampunk lamp that i finished a while back but i never got to posting it. I actually finished making the lamp itself about 5 months ago, and i just now decided to steampunk it about a month ago.  Anyway, here it is. Tell me what you think. (I will not be posting an actual instructable on this, because it's too much work, i don't have the parts i want, and i just don't feel like it)

I won't be posting an instructable, but I will, however, tell you how I made it as simply as i can.

Before you read: I'm very sorry for the slapdash instructions below. I'm tired and don't feel like going over any of it or anything. I described things the best i could and i hope you understand it.

Tools- For this, i used a drill, hot glue, solder, a soldering iron, and several other household tools not worth naming.
Step 1- Gathering parts - For this i used:  3 AAA batteries, A small light bulb i scavenged from a very old broken vacuum cleaner, wire(various lengths), a small plastic cup, a radioshack project enclosure, a switch. (You can switch out any of the non-electrical components of this project with anything else you'd like to use and make it look however you want it to)
Step 2- Assembly - Circuit- I first tested the circuit. (which is a bit like this)
  Negative of the 3 batteries is connected to the negative of the light. Positive of the bulb is wired to a switch. The switch is then wired to the positive of the battery. If you don't get it, just google "simple light bulb circuit".  I then disassembled it for later.
Raw stuff- I got the project box, drilled a hole in the side and on the top of the box's lid. I then hot glued the switch into the hole on the left of the box. I hot glued a 3 AAA battery holder in the box with the batteries in it. I then wired those to the switch. After that, I ran wires from the + and - of the batteries through the hole in the middle of the lid. I then got the small plastic cup, drilled a hole in the top, and pulled the wires through it. After that, i wired the bulb to the + and - wires and hot glue-mounted the bulb to the hole in the cup (making sure the bulb was sticking straight out of it. After that, i set the cup down over the hole in the lid of the project box and hot glued them together. This made an upside down T-Shape. Now, i could just flip the switch and the bulb would turn on. Now all that is left to do besides steampunking it, is to come up with a lamp shade mounting system. I just glued a big spring to the bulb and made a T with random steampunk-esque parts. I then printed a pattern on a paper, cut it out, and taped it into a cylindrical hollow shape. I taped and glued the paper (lamp shade) to the mount-thingy i made.
Easier- Just cut out perfect circle from paper using a protractor, mark a point in the center of the circle, and cut a straight line from the edge of the circle until you read the center. Slide one side of the paper over the other and tape it- this should make a cone. Bend a large paperclip into a "1" shape with a circle on the bottom. Glue the bottom around the light bulb and make sure the paperclip sticks up straight. now, just glue the inside center of the cone to the tip of the paperclip.
When you're done with the lamp, all you have to do is steampunk it. To make the base look metal, just use something like silver metallic paint or, (even better) just put foil tape over it and use the following aging process. -Color the foil with black sharpie, let it dry, and then use fine sandpaper over it. This makes it look like real metal.

What you need to steampunk it: Hot glue, random parts from things, your imagination.

Coming sooner or later to an instructable near you : Steampunk USB fan. (MAYBE, don't expect it any time soon, though.)

Answers to possible questions: Yes, that IS Whose Line in the background.

P.S: I will not be revising this "instructable", so you'll have to deal with what i've given you. Sorry.