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Hi all,
this is a very fast and easy weekend project.
I need at least 3 hours for construction and work.
Some month ago I buy a Steam-generator for ships and trains in a model making store.
I couldn’t find something where I can fit it in and put it a shelf.
Now I got some old brass parts from Oil lamps.
During disassemble all parts I found one part that looks like a smoke pipe.
I think about a desktop steamer or a portable steam generator.
It must be built lightweight and very small after some minutes I got this idea and start with this project.

Parts list:
- Brass Oil Lamp or only the part to adjust the fire
- Steam-generator for 5-6 Volts is the best choice
- Wires in different diameter
- Battery Pack 4.8 Volts with 2/3 AAA cells for model making
- A switch with metal flap
- A plastic corner

Step 1:

First step is to remove the rim for the glass.
I cut it away with a Dremel.
Then I unscrew the fire regulator and the nice ornamental moulding.
You will notice that you can turn the direction of the fire adjustor and you are able to fit it backwards.
If you fit it in this direction you get a nice Smoke pipe with Ornamental basement.

Step 2: Steam Generator

Now I widen the middle tube a little with a big screwdriver.
Now you can stick the Steam-generator in this tube.
Then you drill a small hole 2,5mm into the bottom plate.
Make sure that you don’t drill near or into the tooth for the adjustment.
Stick the wires through this hole.
You are finishing the mounting of the Steam-generator.

Step 3: Switch

My first idea for the switch was to use existing regulator knob.
After a deeper look on I got some headaches.
I think about a cam on the regulator shaft but for this I must destroy the base plate of the inner tube. In fact this was not possible.
Then I recognise the double tooth wheel with a small gap between the gears and the outer tube.
I try to stick a wire in this gap. I try several wires with different diameters and find one which fits perfect when I turn the wheel of the regulator the pressure of the tooth gear move it up and down.
This was perfect to trigger a switch.
I remove a part of the insulation and bent the end to 90 degrees.
Then I use solder to make it solid.
Now I placed the switch in the right high above.
I use a position that after ¼ turn the switch is trigger.
To fix the switch in this position I use a small plastic corner out of the waste.
I glued the plastic corner and the switch with superglue in position.
Now I solder the switch in line to the battery.

Step 4: Battery

For the power source I use a very small battery pack.
It is build from 4 x 2/3 length of an AAA-Cell.
It spent fully loaded 5.6 Volt and has 750mA enough for many hours…
I cut a gap in the ornamental base and use the rest of the flaps to hold the battery pack in place.
Maybe you can also use a rubber band to fix the battery pack.

Step 5: Final Assembly and Test

I remove the battery pack and screw the smoke pipe on the ornamental base.
I pull the wires of the smoke generator down connect it to the battery pack. Then I put carefully the wires in and make sure that no wires block the switch.
Then I stick the battery pack in.
Now I filled it with smoke fluid and make a first test.
All works well and it blow some very impressive smoke rings into the air.
Enjoy the Video of the second run.

Admiral Aaron Ravensdale

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