Introduction: Steampunk Pumpkin 2009

After a lot of inspiration from this site and other images on the web I have created my first steampunk - the Steampunk Pumpkin.   The majority of the parts used for this project were collected from unused computer systems.  I work in IT, so old servers, telephones, power supplies, etc. were readily available.  You may not have access to these types of components, but hopefully it will inspire you to look for other appropriate parts

Step 1: Parts List

Computer Parts
trackball mouse
fan grating
printer cable nobs
old CDs
power supply parts
gel mouse pad
server handle
rack cable management parts
hard drive parts

Non computer parts
thrift store leather/faux leather purses
copper tubing
copper wire
brass container
supper glue
spray paint
construction staples

Step 2: The Goggles

For the goggle rims I used a stack of old CDs, drilling two holes, one offset from the other  (I believe they were a 1-1/4 in. bit and a 2 in. bit), then super glued them together in a stack, then spray painted them copper.  Then I traced an outline on the faux leather and cut an appropriate shape to make a mask which I super glued the rims onto.  A purse strap was cut down to size and  rivited around a hard drive metal ring to join with the mask.  The I used the fan grates, bending the protruding metal around to fasten to the rims.  The eye balls are the balls from a trackball mouse, and are set into the carved pumpkin.

Step 3: The Face Mask

The body of the face mask is made of the plastic cover of a trackball mouse, spray painted gold.  I cut up a gel mouse pad that had good contours to fit into the button openings on the mouse, which were epoxied into place (I should have just super glued them since the epoxy got a bit messy).  I drilled some small holes around the bottom of the mask and inserted some hard drive screws which are just kept in place by friction.  The nobs (drilled and then super glued in place) are from a printer cable and the handle (screwed in from the back) from a computer power supply.  I cut some purse leather to size and riveted in a purse strap with clips that luckily went nicely with the style and were just right to attach to the goggles.  I used another metal ring from a hard drive and threaded copper wire through the holes and bent them in place on the back.

Step 4: The Ears and Hair

The ear base was from a brass container that I destroyed to cut out the piece.   I drilled a set of holes around and inside of the copper wire ring (from a power supply) and using copper wire threaded it onto the base.  I bent the copper pipe and pinched it enough to hold two screws that are drilled though from the back.  I then drilled a couple holes and used heavy gauge staples (used for construction) to secure the ear to the pumpkin.  The hair is some parts used for server cabinet cable retention, spray painted copper and then inserted into holes drilled into the pumpkin.

Step 5: Finished

For a first shot and limited amount of time, I thought this pumpkin turned out great (if I do say so myself).  I also plan on using these as costume pieces later - I just need to remake the goggle strap to something that will fit my head.  The only thing I wish I could have done, was to put a blue LED light into the mask so it glows blue - but I couldn't find one in time - maybe later.  Thanks again to all the other steampunk instructables out there for the inspiration.

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