Introduction: Steampunk Treo Smartphone Mark 1

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I have been on a major stempunking rampage as of late and decided to take one of our old unused smart phones and make it a little more my style. The phone is still 100% functional and if I ever decide to switch to Verizon I can use it( I actually have ATT). This is the Mark 1 version prototype. Mark 2 is soon to follow and will include intricate and improved brass plates, leather backing, flip cover padding, and many other improvements. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the Mark 1. Within a week or two I will post another slide show (and possibly instructables if requested) on several other steampunk projects.

NOTE: the clock bezel allows full integrated function of the directional pad (which is underneath it)

P.S. please note that these pictures were taken in a hotel bathroom improv light box (albeit using my Nikon D40 with flash and this flash diffuser (kudos for that lol).
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