Introduction: Steampunk Tri-Fold Room Divider

I've long looked at room dividers as a sort of blank canvas.  Thanks to the Milwaukee Makerspace, I was finally able to build one; here's how:

The frames were made from 2x4's, ripped down, then cut with a dado groove down the middle to hold the screens in place.

The screens themselves were cut from 1/4" MDF on a friend of mine's 4x8' CNC router from a design I had made using Blender's Mechanical Gear generator. The gears were rendered, imported into Adobe Illustrator CS5, LiveTraced, and combined using the ShapeBuilder tool. Then the whole mess was exported as a .DXF.

The frames received a coat of flat black spray paint, while the screens were treated with Hammered Copper spray paint.  I relied on the porosity of the unfinished MDF to soak in parts of the paint. Because of this, you don't get the intended hammered metal effect; instead, some of the silver and some of the copper soak into the material, giving an aged, partially rusted look.

This is intended to be used as a backdrop for art events. I'm currently working on some hangers that will compliment the screens so that I can hang up some of my work without taking up precious table-space.

Just think, if I win the contest, I can produce more of these....

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