Introduction: Steampunk USB Stick "Speichergeraet Nummer 1"

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This time I present you a really simple "instructable" to create your own "Steampunk USB Stick". Again it's one of my Micro-Projects which you should be able to finish within 60 minutes.

Step 1: What You Need

First a short list what you need for this project. Use your fantasy which parts could fit to your project.
Whit this instructable I would like to give you an inspriration how you could build a simple USB Stick in less than one hour.

- an old brass bearing from an old machine
- a broken tube from an old car radio
- a cheap USB memory stick
- copper wire

...and if you want to finish the project in 60 minutes you will need a Hot Glue Gun. Not so really "steampunky", but the only way to make it simple and fast.
If you want to do it perfect, you have to solder the tube to the brass bearing and you have to cut a brass plate to mount the memory stick.

Step 2: How to Do It the Simple Way

If you decide to go the simple way and you want to finish a nice Steampunk USB Device in less than 60 minutes - then let me give you some advice:

- strip the plastic from the USB Memory Stick and clean it with an alcohol
- check the position of the LED - maybe you can bend it towards the tube for a better light effect
- put the tube on the brass socket and fix it with tape. Be sure that there is no gap between the glass and the brass socket
- heat up the hot glue and fill it into the brass bearing. When the glue is cold you can take off the tape
- place the memory stick into the bearing and fix it with tape
- fill up with hot glue just to the top and wait until the glue becomes hard
- now use copper wire to create some nice style and clean up your work

That's it.
Sorry that I don't have some more pictures, but I didn't plan to write an instructable about this small project.
Next time I will have the camera with me......

Hope I could give you some ideas for your own simple USB Device.

Sincerely yours

"The Chocolatist"