Introduction: Steampunk USB Drive, Handmade "Submariner" Altered Art

This drive is made with salvaged copper and brass plumbing fixtures. I find items like this at flea markets and thrift shops. This is made entirely of glass and metal. All the metal connections are hard soldered with an acetylene torch. I use a bench grinder, rotaty tool and files to shape the metal.

It features a glass porthole to view the inner workings. You'll see in the last picture why I call it the "Submariner".

The existing LED on the card lights up the porthole when it's transfering. I used fiberoptic line to carry the light into the glass tail.

It has a rubber O  ring in the cap to make it watertight.

Thanks for looking. If you like my work you can see more of it here:

Please note: this is posted as a slideshow and not an instructional. I will be happy to answer specific questions though.

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