Introduction: 3D Printed Classic Vespa

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This is a model I've made as a still display or an actually moving, usable toy for big guys and gals. Wheels turn, steering works, it goes :D.

A 3D printer is necessary for building this model.

There aren't much to explain, as the model is produced especially for 3D printing, all details for assembly are present and it is ready to print, so most of the work is done by the 3d printer. Then we may do a bit of cleaning of the printed parts, putting them together, a little gluing, a little sanding and a nice paint.

Step 1: 3D Modeling

First I've looked for some images on the net. I've checked classic Vespa photos, as they were more suitable for a steampunk Vespa project. One good side view photo, one front, one rear and one from above was necessary to use as templates for 2d-3d conversion. Especially top view photo was difficult to find. Others are abundant.

I've uploaded images of nearly every phase of the 3d modeling. Blue highlighted details are the most recent additions.

Step 2: 3d Printing Version 1

It took some time to finish the modeling of the project. But before the modeling was ever complete, I started printing the earlier versions with my up printer.

The version 1 print was the simplest form of the project without most of the steampunk details added. No working glove box or back lid. No engine details. So a bit easier to clean.

The STL files for the version 1 can be downloaded from this link.

Step 3: 3d Printing Version 2

This version has got some more details. I ran out of filament while printing it and needed to add a new roll. So the color has changed to white. But the color change happened at a nice place so, it looks nice. The parts seperated from each other later but i glued them back to each other with epoxy. No STL files for this vers.

Step 4: 3d Printing Version 3

Even more details, opening glove box etc. Printed a red one, everythings works fine.

I'm including the STL files here.

Step 5: Version 4

I've added the rear seat, rear glovebox etc.

Rear seat is removable and there is a rod at the back of it for the spare tyre.

Spare tyre can also be placed below the left rear fender where it originally resides at Vespas.

the files for this version is here.

Step 6: The End

I've printed 3 versions so far and will print the last one soon.

Giving them away to my friends as presents and they like it, play with it, display it.

hope you like and print the little vespa. if you print please share photos and don't forget to vote for this instructable at the contests.

Wish you happy printing.

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