Steampunk / Warcraft Combat Hunting Rifle With Revolver-Style Ammo Drum

Introduction: Steampunk / Warcraft Combat Hunting Rifle With Revolver-Style Ammo Drum

This instructable describes how I made a combat hunting rifle to go with my son's worgen costume for Halloween 2011. The rifle's design was heavily influenced by the World of Warcraft and steampunk styles. When completed this rifle is almost four feet long and so has a great oversized look to it common with WoW weapons.

Supplies needed:

•2in x 8in x 36in board

•1.5in diameter PVC pipe, 3ft length

•Charlotte Pipe PVC Adapter Fitting

•PVC glue

•1.0in diameter PVC compression coupling

•Brass pipe strapping

•Metallic spray paint

•Copper spray paint

•Black spray paint

•Dark walnut wood stain / polyurethane

•4 small finishing nails

•14 wood screws

•Two loop screws

•3/4in PVC cap fitting (1 for each bullet)

•3/4in x 1/2in PVC reducing flush bushing (one for each bullet)

Tools needed:

•Jig saw


•Sheet metal snippers

•Hand sander


•Drill and 1.2in diameter hole saw bit

Good luck and have fun!

Step 1: Stock

A.Create a stock template out of paper using figure 1.1. Note that I decided to shorten my stock about 4 inches because my son was only 12 years old a the time.

B.Trace the template onto the board. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO KNOTS IN PLACES WHERE THEY WOULD CAUSE THE STOCK TO EASILY BREAK (see red circles in figure 1.3).

C.Cut the stock out of a 2in x 8in x 36in board.

D.Sand the board.

E.Use a hand sander to round all the edges and corners.

F.Cover with dark walnut stain / polyurethane and allow to dry.

Step 2: Barrel

A.Cut a piece of 1.5in diameter PVC pipe to a length of 24 inches (see fig 2.1).

B.Glue a Charlotte Pipe PVC Adapter Fitting on one end (see fig 2.2).

C.Paint with a metallic paint such as Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Dark Steel (see fig 2.3).

D.Cut three 6 inch lengths from metal pipe strapping.

E.Use the pipe strapping and wood screws to attach the barrel to the stock securely / tightly (see figure 2.4)

Step 3: Revolving Ammo Drum

A.Use template 3.1 to cut out two circles from 2” wood board (actual thickness should be 1.5in).

B.Cut a notch out of the two circles per figure 3.2.

C.Glue the two halves of the ammo drum together. Note: I glued them together while they were both on the side of a 2in x 8in board scrap piece (see fig 3.3). I used rubber bands to keep them tightly together while the glue dried.

D.After the glue is set, use a sander to make the outside of the drum smooth.

E.Drill circles on both front and back using 1.2in diameter hole saw per figures 3.4 and 3.5. Figure 3.10 shows a typical hole saw bit.

F.Paint black

G.Protect with polyurethane and allow to dry.

H.Glue onto stock using figure 3.6 as a guide on where to mount it. Use rubber bands to keep it on tight while the glue sets (see fig 3.7). I also used four small finishing nails to keep the drum securely attached to the stock.

Step 4: Scope

A.Cut a block of wood 1in x 2in out of a 2inch board – this will be the scope mount (see fig 4.1).

B.Stain / polyurethane this mounting piece.

C.Screw this mounting piece from above onto the stock (see fig 4.1 and 4.2).

D.Create the scope using a 1.0in diameter PVC compression coupling (see fig 4.1 and 4.2).

E.Paint the scope using a copper spray paint.

F.Use pipe fitting to mount the scope onto the mounting piece.

Step 5: Sling

A.Screw two loop screws (see fig 5.1) into the stock (see figure 5.2).

B.Find a suitable strap to attach and use as the sling. The shoulder straps of medium sized gym / school bags work well.

Step 6: Optional: Bullets

A.For each bullet you want to make, glue a 3/4in PVC cap fitting on top of a 3/4in x 1/2in PVC reducing flush bushing.

B.Paint as follows: Use a copper/brass paint on the shell casing and a metallic on the projectile (cap fitting).

C.Try to find a cool bandolier to hold the bullets across the chest (such as figure 6.3)!

Step 7: Finished Project

Check out the photos and happy child!

Step 8: Other Ideas

A.Consider buying or making a back scabbard. Obviously, you would have to modify due to the revolving ammo drum.

B.Figure 8.2 shows another configuration to consider, with a smaller ammo drum that is closer to the stock.

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