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Introduction: Steampunk Zombie

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This costume came about since a  Zombicon i was attending had  a Time Machine/Steampunk theme. The original costume was obtained for 15 dollars on clearance. I made subtle modifications to it , to bring out the steampunk look. You could also do it with an old horror costume. 

Step 1: Materials

Old costume with mask
brown paint
a foam brush
antique gold acrylic paint
black, green and red sharpies
dog hair or crepe hair
hair wax
super glue
a small paint brush
fake blood
thick black permanent marker
antique silver and gold chains
jump rings
Old fashioned charm
gold button covers
a large bendable metal tube
spray paint antique gold
two small cookie containers(metal)
random plastic pieces, child’s sand rake(2)
fluer de lis  or damask stencil
faux leather
LED bracelets and glow shoelaces

Step 2: Mask

The mask out of package was light green, had hard airbrushed details and a shiny finish.  I used a brown paint and lightly painted the mask with a foam brush, following the contours of the mask. I painted the black details of the goggles with brown paint.   I originally went over the silver metal details with gold permanent marker, which was too light. I then went over them with antique gold acrylic paint. I went into the cracks, teeth and mouth areas with black, green and red sharpies. I formed the mustache with dog hair ( I’ve collected it from the dog brush after brushing their tails). I also dirtied it with soil.  I used hair wax to form the ends and the super glued it above the mouth.  To finish the mask I used a small brush to brush fake blood into the cracks, lips and mustache.

Step 3: Original Costume Being Modified - Jacket and Boot Covers

I used black permanent marker to remove the red details on the sleeves and pocket.  I added antique silver and gold chains that were connected to buttons with jump rings. I also connected a jump ring to the center front to drape the chains. I also added a charm to the chain. The buttons, which are black, I put gold button covers on.  I did this for the buttons on the jacket and boot covers.

Step 4: Creating Additional Accessories

I used a large bendable metal  tube which I spray painted antique gold. 

To cover the red arm band on the sleeve, I made a shoulder and arm piece. I took two small cookie containers and drilled them with various size holes.  I spray painted them antique gold. I added small plastic pieces obtained from the bulb of a plug in air freshener, they were also painted. Once dry I glued the plastic pieces to the painted cookie tins. I did a fluer de lis with a stencil and brown paint. I then took faux leather and cut an armband (5x 17), straps ( 2 @ 1x 17)and a sleeve for the tube (3x5). I screwed the armband onto the back of the painted circular cookie tin.  Using brads I attached the shoulder piece together. I inserted LED bracelets and glow shoelaces into the tins. 

I took the front of a play sand rake to use for the hands as a hand guard type weapon.

Step 5: Put It All Together, Turn on Your Accessories and Go Scare Em'!!

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