Introduction: Steampunk IPod Dock (low Cost)

This is my first instructable. In it, I will show how I made my steampunk ipod dock. The dock consists of
two parts: the actual docking station and a base for it. The parts can be put together or used separately.
For me this project cost nothing. I already had all of the materials. Most people probably will. It is a fairly easy project and can be done in 3 hours or less. I think that the result came out pretty well.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Xacto knife
Hot Glue Gun

Gold and Silver Spray paint
2 cardboard boxes (one smaller than the other)
1 sheet of cardboard
8" Sturdy Hollow Plastic Rod
Thin Plastic Sheet (the size of the larger box)
Gears, wire and small steampunk objects (mine were from taking apart a clock)
iPod dock holder
iPod Charging wire
4 large screws (optional)
4 small screws (optional)
LED with proper circuitry (optional)
Random decorations

Step 2: Cut and Paste

First, trace the outline of the dock holder on to your box. Then cut the box so that it is only slightly larger than the dock holder. After this, cut a different side of the box to plug the empty side you will have made. Hot glue it on (it is important that you use the glue sparingly) Then cut a hole slightly smaller than the outline of the dock connector. I am dividing this into two steps now because there is so much of it.

Step 3: More Cutting and Pasting

Now you will need to trim both the charging wire and the dock connector so that they fit. After this, glue the dock holder into the hole that was cut for it. Then cut 4 2-inch pieces of plastic rod. Make hole for the 4 small screws using a pushpin and then hot glue them into place. Before the glues dries, add the plastic rods at the place where the screw nubs come out. Once this is all glued in, cut a piece of cardboard to pace over all of the hot glue, and glue that into place. Now you are finished with the actual dock. If you want to, you can paint this and consider yourself finished. But I went on to make the base

Step 4: Starting the Base

Now trace the larger box on to the cardboard and cut it out. Then measure about 1.5 centimeters in from each side and draw a rectangle. Then, cut the plastic a little larger than this hole. Now cut 4 holes in the plastic for the legs of the dock. Do not glue on the plastic yet.

Step 5: Painting

How you want to paint is up to you. I used gold and silver. I painted all of the components, including the gears.

Step 6: Finishing the Base

Cut holes for the screws and plastic and then hot glue them in place. Then, arrange your gears and furnishings in the large box and glue them down. Cut a hole for your led fixture and glue that in too. Also cut a hole for the charging wire to run through. Glue the top (part w/ plastic) to the bottom (the large box) and glue the charging wire to the actual dock and you're done. No more cutting and pasting left. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.