Introduction: Steampunk Militia Mans Wish Locket

Well i could not think of a real fun name for this but  here it is  this is a Wish or prier locket made from two bullet shells ,i think they are a 45 and a 9 , as well as 2 different colored thread black and bronze , a small watch gear ,a red piece of plastic,   a velvet cord , copper chain , and three silver crab claw clamps. For the people  who don't know what a wish locket is waht you do with them is you wright your wish or prier on a strip of paper fold it up and put it in the locket along with any thing of  sentimental value that is small anuff to fit  and the locket keeps the wish or prier close to your heart so it may come true.   also i may drill a small hole in the top  so if you put something with a sent you can smell it