Steampunk Phantom of the Opera Mask

Introduction: Steampunk Phantom of the Opera Mask

So this is going te be my first instructable ever. Its more like an inspiratinal instructable.

This year for the anual fantasy event (Elf fantasy Fair) in holland i wanted to do something steampunk.
I love the phantom of the opera so why not creat a steampunk ersion of the phantom.

I hope your gonna like this instructable.
Have fun with building your mask.
please leave a comment!

Step 1: The Mask Base and Color

First you have to make the base of the mask. search some pictures of the real mask and some steam punk masks for some inspiration.
I created the base mask of a old Halloween mask. which was made from plastic so i took my dremmel to cut it in the shape i wanted.
Then just make a dirty paint job so it looks like old copper. I did this by first making a black undercoat and then dry paint copper color on it.

Step 2: The Gears and Stuff

Now is the time to try to gather up as much parts as you can. I founds some old random things  in our garage. i also went to the local bike store and asked if they had some old gears witch i could have.
i also found some old headphones that didnt work

the gears where pretty dirty so i cleaned them first.

I hotglued t al together.

Step 3: The End Result

So as you can see it turnd out really awsome. i spraypainted some gold on it to give it a nice shiny look.
hope yours turned out just as awsome!

I added a smal elastic strap to get it to stick on my head.

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    6 years ago

    very kool bro!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    my friend said we should make a half mask for his steampunk costume. I said it would look like the Phantom. Told you so!


    9 years ago

    Makes you look like a Borg.