Introduction: Steel Marking Gauge

I`ll Show you how I made this Steel Marking Gauge


Step 1: Material


Flat stock 2"

Round Bar dia. 12mm or 1/2"

Nut or better a coupler Nut

Screw quarter 20 by 1 1/2"

Step 2: Tools


Angle Grinder

Welder of some sort

Drill or Drillpress

Beltsander (optional)

Square Sharpie

Safety Gear

Step 3: Cutting the Parts

I cut the Round Bar to 20 cm that will give me more than enough reach for my uses.

After that I cut a Square out of the 2" Flat stock and made a Circle out of it.

All the cutting was done with a 4 1/2" Angle Grinder

Step 4: Drilling the Nut Out

I used a 12 mm Drill to drill away the Threads in the Nut.

I used a Cordless Drill but a Corded one or a Drill press would work as well

Step 5: Drill a Smaller Hole

This hole gets threaded in the next Step to accept the Screw that holds the Fence ro the Bar

Step 6: Threading

The hole gets Threaded with the right Tap thats fits your Screw

Step 7: Welding

I welded the Nut on the Plate with my crappy Arc welder. It worked good enough for this after that I ground the weld to make it look at least a Little bit better

Step 8: More Drilling

Now I drilled a Hole in the End of the Bar thet will hold a Screw that will hold down the Little Round Blade

Step 9: More Threading

The hole in the End of the Bar gets threaded.

Sorry I forgot the Picture but ist pretty self explanatory.

Step 10: The Cutter

Now I cut out a Little Disc out of a Piece of old Sawblade and I drilled out the Middle.

Than I put on the shaft and out the Shaft in my Drill and sharbend the edge on my Angle Grinder.

Step 11: Assembly

Finally I just put it all together and Screwed the Cutter on the Top.

This is my first Instructable so its defenitly not perfect.

Thanks please Check out my YouTube Channel ; )

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