Introduction: Steel Shark Tooth Pendant.

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I recently read MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror. It's an excellent book, and it got me a bit hooked on all things shark. I thought, "Hey, a shark tooth pendant would be cool -- but a steel one would be EVEN COOLER!

*Please forgive me for the low quality pictures; they were taken with my iTouch. My normal camera's memory is full.  :' (

Steel.(I used 11/6" galvanized sheet, and before you start wailing about how dangerous that is, I know and I took precautions.)
Something to cut the sheet.
Bench grinder and/or Files.
Wire Coat hanger
Drill(press) and bits.
Scribing tool.
utted Paracord.
Two thicker metal plates and a clamp/vise.

Step 1: Make It!

Adjust the zoom on your computer until the tooth in the picture is about 2 1/4" long. Take your paper and lay it against the computer screen, so that the picture can be seen through the paper. Use the pencil and gently trace along the outline. When it's done, cut it out.

Lay the tooth tracing on the metal and use the scribing tool to mark the metal.

Use your angle grinder, tin snips, hacksaw, whatever, and cut out the tooth shape. Don't try to cut right on the lines, as you'll be cleaning it up later with the bench grinder (or files, if you're unlucky =D). 

Go to the bench grinder and smooth everything down. Follow up with some sandpaper.

Find a 3/16" bit, chuck it in your drill, and drill a hole. Smooth everything down.

Get a 3/8" bit, and tape some sandpaper to it. Like this. Polish until happy.

Get the 2 pieces of metal and place the tooth between them, lining it up so that half the hole is covered and is centered on the tip, if that makes sense. Lock it all in a clamp and take the pliers and bend the tooth very slightly, down the middle.

Go back to the bench grinder and use it to rough up the bottom of the tooth, so it looks more like the real one.

Cut about 5" of wire coat hanger, remove the coating, and wrap it around a 3/8" metal rod. Clip it, put it through the hole on the tooth, and bend the end together to complete the jump ring.

Thread the paracord through the jump ring and tie it off with your favorite knot.

You're done!

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