Introduction: Steel Washer Ring

Heyo people's! Been a while since I've done an ible, thought it'd be nice to put one up for a change of pace!
>alright.. Lets get to the ible!

Step 1: Find the Parts/Tools

Alright for this you're gonna need 7 things 1)a steel or stainless steel washer. 2)a dremal or drill. 3)files and sand paper. 4)ring mandrel or even a round crow bar. 5)patience.. It takes about 2-4 hours if you work nonstop, have everything you need, and are experienced with stuff like this. 6)a hammer, if you don't have this you're not getting far :P. 7) most important thing is music.. If you don't have it.. And you're in a quite room.. You will most likely go bonkers.. Trust me 0.0

Step 2: Starting You Ring!

Ok so this instructable is pretty much the same as the last one I made, but the metal is a bit harder to work with..
>you're going to want to start by getting your center hole big enough to fit over the mandral/crow bar.
>after that you are going to want to bang at it pretty strong on a hard surface (concrete, steel plate, etc...) at about a 45 degree angle, until it begins to flatten out.
>Once it gets about flat, you're going to take it off the mandral and flip it around to where the wide side is pointing to the narrower side part of the mandral.
>begin taking mighty fine wacks at it (considering it is steel) until it flattens out. After this you're ready for the next step!! :D

Step 3: Shape That Bugger!

Shaping is definitely the most aggravating and time consuming step..
>depending on how you want your ring (wavy, zig-zaggy, normal maybe..:P) will determine how long it will take you. For mine I went a more normal wedding ring style. Classy, yet not over the top.
>use you're dremal and files to get it shaped and all looking pretty, then once you have it how you like.. SAND THE BABY DOWN! Get all the sharp edges knocked off, and everything nice a smooth.

Step 4: Get That Baby to Shine

Woot woot! Almost done, all you got left is the minor sanding, and polishing!
>Usually 300, 600, and 1000 with a coat of wax will do the job and get it all nice and shiny (like I did). But if you want that nice mirror you're gonna wunna keep going until you reach 3000 (pain in the ass..but it looks beautiful!).

Step 5: You're Done!

Pat yourself on the back and admire your beautiful ring! you most likely did this in one sitting, there was sweat, possibly blood.. Some nasty words after hitting your finger with the hammer... -_- but it was worth every second, to see the finished product!

Hope this was at least a bit helpful..
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