Introduction: Steering Wheel Shop Clock

I needed a clock in my garage/shop, since I had an extra steering wheel just laying around I thought it would be the perfect candidate to convert into a time keeper.

Step 1:

I started off by removing the adapter hub from the steering wheel, That's when I noticed something was broken off in one of the hex screw heads... yep an old hex head wrench tip broken off inside, I guess that's why Dave gave it to me. Thanks anyway Dave!

Step 2:

The clockworks wouldn't completely fit into the hub assembly, so I took it apart to see what I could do to make it smaller and found out that about 1/2 inch of the top-most portion of the clockwork's case was completely empty...

So I used a hand saw and cut off the little bit that was too big. Perfectly centered. nice fit now.

Step 3:

Take the horn button and corresponding hardware off, put aside. Screw the hub/clockwork assembly to the wheel now, I only used 3 screws because that's all you need.

Step 4:

Take the horn button mounting bracket and trace it's circumference onto a piece of leather, carefully cut your freshly drawn circle out, make a hole in the center of the leather big enough for the clock's shaft to fit through.

To finish off the leather, I used 400 grit sand paper and some bees wax to darken it, I placed the leather on a cutoff wheel adapter and used it with my drill to spin the leather piece against the sandpaper then spun the leather on the bees wax on a block if wood to polish the wax.

I fit the leather piece over the clock hand shaft ( is that what it's called ? ) and used a countersunk Washer in place of the brass nut to hold the leather in place, replace the hands, set the time, wipe off your dirty fingerprints and you're done.

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