Stefans, the Easy Way

Introduction: Stefans, the Easy Way

Is your mind boggled by all the complicated Stefan designs? New to making Stefans? Well this Instructable might just be for you! I will be covering how to make blanks, straightening said blanks, and weighting them.

Step 1: Materials

A knife, 1/2 foam backer rod or caulk saver, airsoft BBs, hot glue gun and glue, and a piece of 1/2 CPVC cut to the length of the Stefan you want.

Step 2: Cutting

Slide your FBR into the pipe, do not let any hang out of one side, cut off the rest on the end as shown. Now push it out.

Step 3: Straightening

Place your blanks in a pillow case, and tie it. Put it in the dryer. Set it to medium heat, for 15-20 minutes. When it's finished take the, out of the dryer.

Step 4: Weighting and Stuff

Burn a hole in the center end of your blank with the glue gun. Now place a BB in it, next glue over it. Let it dry.

Step 5: The End

Now load them into your Nerf gun, blowgun, or whatever. And as always, have fun, and stay safe! Note, these require the barrel post, or a barrel mod to work in Nerf blasters

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    7 years ago

    Pretty much how I make stefans. However, some wars don't allow glue domes :(