Stem 2 Instructable

Introduction: Stem 2 Instructable

The materials i used were: 2 blown up balloons, about 3 newspapers cut up into sheets of 6 inch by 2 strips, ½ cup glue, ½ cup water, a cup, a spoon, something to pop the balloon with (such as a pin or scissors), some type of paint (i used spray paint colors blue, purple and pink), 1 cup of noodles, tape, an empty paper towel roll, 1 pack of crepe paper, glue, and whatever else you wanna use to design.

Step 1:

Blow up two balloons, tie the ends of each.

Step 2:

Cut a bunch of newspaper into strips 6 inch by 2 inch.

Step 3:

Get a cup and fill it with ½ cup glue and ½ cup water.

Step 4:

balloons until they are completely coveredDip the newspaper into the mixture and start placing all over

Step 5:

Spray Paint your paper macheing balloons until you like how they look.

Step 6:

Pop a hole into the balloon after it has dried

Step 7:

Fill each balloon with ½ cup of noodles.

Step 8:

Get a empty paper towel roll and cut it in half.

Step 9:

Cut some parallel slits into the ends of each tube running lengthwise. Make each slit about 3 inches long. Circle the ends of the tubes with tape so it doesn’t spilt any farther

Step 10:

Put the split tubes on the maracas and tape them down.

Spray paint any of the tape you want to cover up and let them dry overnight.

. Get some glitter ductape.

Step 11:

Thats it

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    4 years ago

    It appears you've made a pair of maracas. They look good! :)