Introduction: Stencil Lamp - One Lamp Many Shades

This instructable will show you how to make a simple lamp with switchable shades (Its a lampshade).


  1. Tracing paper
  2. Cardboard
  3. Thick brown sheets (Or any other dark colored sheets .I chose brown because it was dark enough and i had plenty of them lying around.)
  4. White LED
  5. 2x1.5v cells
  6. A battery holder
  7. A switch
  8. Glue and tape

Step 1: The Top and the Base​

Cut out two circular pieces from cardboard at least 8cm in diameter( I'll call them the top and bottom pieces from here on). Make sure the cardboard is thick enough since we will be wrapping the tracing paper around it.

Wrap the tracing paper around the top piece and glue them, but before gluing the bottom piece drill a hole in the center of it large enough for the led to fit in.

Step 2: The Circuit

I have made a simple circuit by directly soldering the LED to the battery holder and the switch.

Glue the whole circuit (The battery holder, the LED and the switch) onto the bottom piece with the LED protruding inward.

Step 3: Making the Stencils

There are already hundreds of stencil templates available online, you can find them under the title ' paper cut out stencils ' or you can create one on your own which is probably time consuming.

Download or draw these templates onto the brown sheets and carve them out.

Wrap your stencil around the tracing paper, leave a small gap (very small) between the stencil and the lamp to be able to remove it easily whenever you want without damaging the stencil.

You can make any number of stencils you want as they are interchangeable. You can even carve names on the stencils to give them off as customized gifts...

If your stencils are very complex (or even if they are not) then sandwich them between two other tracing papers to prevent them from tearing.

Step 4: Making the Stand

Though this step is not necessary , I made it because the stand provides base support to your lamp and somewhat makes it look better.

Cut out a square piece(12cmx12cm) and 4 small rectangular pieces(12cmx3cm) from cardboard.

Cut out a circular hole slightly bigger in diameter than that of your lamp from the square piece. Make sure the lamp fits perfectly into it.

Finish your stand by gluing the four rectangular pieces to the square piece.

Step 5: Conclusion

Settling to a single shade: If you liked a particular shade then you can glue it to the lamp to make it permanent.

Congrats!!!You have finished your own version of the lamp.....

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