Introduction: Stencil Lettering in Tinkercad

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Want lettering in your 3d print that you can see through but find the centre of the letters and holes fall out? I can help. So the problem is letters like A B D a b d and numbers like 0 8 4 have holes in them. These will fall out when if you try and 3d print them. 0 will just look like a hole and B will look like a hole but with a belt on.

Whats needed is a way of supporting the centre of the holes of your lettering.

Step 1: Seven Steps Process to Get Stenciled Lettering

Step 1) Type lettering

Step 2) Put a divider (green) through the centre of the letter

Step 3) Turn the green divider into a hole

Step 4) Group text together and merge. You should have a line through the lettering

Step 5) Turn the lettering into a hole

Step 6) Place the lettering on to the item you want the stenciled text on

Step 7) Merge the lettering and item and you'll have hole text in your item to be 3d printed that you can look through and the middle of the letters will not fall out

Step 2: The Holes of Your Holes Won't Fall Out

And there you have it.