Stencil Key Set - 7 Colors




Introduction: Stencil Key Set - 7 Colors

Multicolors stencil key set.

First of all sorry about the bablefish way my french was translated, hope you enjoy anyway.

Ok its time, I bring out my old illustrator files and my stencil key sets of 2001 for this small tutorial.

With final one will obtain a stencil key set of 7 colors divided into 8 parts, for this you will have to provide you with:

- a project of stencil key set (a basic drawing)
- what to digitize the drawing (here simple a camera made the deal)
- Illustrator Adobe (or a vectorial program are equivalent)
- a A4 printer
- high weight paper A4
- a piece of paperboard larger than A4 (will be useful for the bottom of the stencil key set)
- a cutter
- adhesive tape (for the delicate parts to reinforce where to repair)

- Photoshop Adobe or simply Paint (for research of colors)
- sprays (to test your set in real life)

-It is necessary nevertheless to control a minimum the tool plucks illustrator which will be used for vectorise your layout.
-You will notice that the typo used in the stages of the tuto does not correspond to that of the final project on the wall. Normal, my files are old 6 years and I do not have any more the typo at the time used.

Step 1: Step 2 - Drawing the Project

If you cannot draw find a logo or a drawing which you like and digitize it:

Step 2: Step 2 - Vectorise!

With Illustrator vectorise your drawing so as to be able to select thereafter the various parts of the layout:

Step 3: Step 3 - Other Part

For this example I also digitized and vectorized a kind of tag (it is written sheriff, I were young at the time...):

Step 4: Step 4 - Page Setting

Choose a page-setting on your A4 format of the various elements of the stencil key set.
Here a little text, a circle behind the character and two drawings vectorize

(the text means something like "Wanted Dead or Burned alive", i repeat i was young):

Step 5: Step 5 (optional) - Choosing the Colors

Export quickly made your drawing is made a small search for colors.
Here 7 colors on the final one;
4 for the caracter (2 colors on dark and light version)
1 for the bottom of the circle
1 for the bottom of the A4 format
and finally black for the features and the text

Step 6: Step 6 - Divide

Once page-setting and the colors definite it is necessary to break up its drawing to obtain the set of stencil key sets which will form the final stencil key set.

Saying quickly we will need :
a stencil key set for the A4 bottom (it is for this stencil key set that the paperboard higher than the A4 format will be necessary),
a stencil key set for the circle, for the clear flat tint of the hat, for the dark flat tint of hat etc...etc..

Only the black color, very present as a whole, will require several stencil key sets. To prevent that to final the black stencil key set do not fall in scraps subdivided sufficient is needed.
Here a great part of the character
the principal text
and finally the bar and the star of the hat and the tag:

Step 7: Step 7 - Printing and Cutting

Printing of the set and meticulous cutting of paper. For renfonrcer certain part (as the most delicate and breakable one) use the adhesive tape.
I do not hide you that it is not the most fun part of the project...

Step 8: Step 8 - Action!

Finally! It is very ready to be painted on the wall nearest, legally of course.

Begin with the bottom (the outsized A4) and connect by the cerlce, the flat tints and finally the various black parts. Here our example declined in various combinations of colors:

The very important thing is to wait fwe minutes between the painting of the parts, otherwise the colors will fall on the wall...

Step 9: Step 9 - Miscellaneous

Detail 1: Think of well sharpening your cutter if you have little parts in your drawing.
Detail 2 and 3: Fateful moment, the cutting of the fonts!

Last tips and conclusion:

Dont forget to use the adhesive tape for little parts or for broken one (as mine...).

If you can use laser printer you maybe be able to use plastic instead of heavy paper.
Cleanable and more life time!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and one more time sorry for the weird english translated by bablefish (btw thanks to bable fish!).

Original french version :

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    12 years ago on Step 6

    Liking the final pieces there, nice effect! thanks for uploading this


    15 years ago on Introduction

    flem... nice man.... ive done a cople of stenciles myself..... sometimes on big projects, with small bits and island (little bits unconnected to other parts) i use thin wire and a glue gun to hold them in place. heres a link of one i did like that, (its done in just one stencil notmultiple layers for one colour)


    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work nussey and thanks for the advices. I thinking about a new highly detailed project and your tips ll helpfull.


    15 years ago on Introduction

    i hate taggers, all it is is just a mindless way of saying what turf is yours in somwhere that isn't. and the tags take from what i know about 20 seconds to put up with a graffiti marker. these stencils have atistic class in them unlike the mindless vandalising acts of tags (p.s dont come after me for dissing your whole tagging thing im just saying my opinion it may be diffrent from yours). if you do graffiti fine if you add a tag to your artwork fine if you tag for the hell of it WTF?!?


    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    Strange... i have answer you but my post is not here anymore...

    Anyway, i agree with your opinion and i have to mention that i "almost" never(one or tow times) tagged on a wall that was not mine. Having a great tagg and rechearch for it is artistic, tagging it everywhere is more like a sport or a competition... I dont play that at all. (mybe its why my tagg sux...)

    Most of grafiti artists arround me are now exposing on art gallery or painting only legal or semi-legal* spots.

    • With semi-legal i mean places like abandoned building sites or old factory.

    15 years ago on Introduction

    These are beautiful. I'd be happy to see something like this on my wall. Some tags are so crappy. Why do people think writing their name is creative? If they're going to tag at all, they should at least develop something unique or meaningful before subjecting everyone else to it.


    Reply 15 years ago on Introduction

    I think its because its take much more time and reflexion for having something really nice on the street. I know few writers and the creative part is to find a good tag. When on the street is more like a sport or a competition than an artistic time. One more thing to mention is that is take a lot of time in painting multicolors stencil key set. Those 3 sherif was done in a semi-legal spot, not on a train or a police office...