Step 1

Introduction: Step 1

You will need 33.3g of potassium nitrate, 17g of sugar, 6g of corn syrup, and 27 mL of water

Step 1: Step 2

Separately grind the potassium nitrate and sugar with a ceramic grinder in order for it to mix well to create the rocket fuel

Step 2: Step 3

Take a Papermate pen and cut strips of paper 1.5in wide to create the case engines. Add glue on one side of the strip and roll it together tightly around the pen to create a hollow inside to add the clay and rocket fuel

Step 3: Step 4

Add clay to the bottoms of the case engines and inside the bottom of it

Step 4: Step 5

Heat a cooking pan to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to create the rocket fuel where the potassium nitrate, corn syrup, sugar, and water is being mixed

Step 5: Step 6

Add the corn syrup to the heated pan 
WARNING: pan is hot

Step 6: Step 7

Add the potassium nitrate, sugar, and water at the same time to the corn syrup
WARNING: pan is hot

Step 7: Step 8

Mix the materials together with a spatula until the water is evaporated and it starts to caramelize
WARNING: pan is hot

Step 8: Step 9

Fill the case engine with the rocket fuel on top of the clay. Use the spatula to fill the engine with the fuel. Push the fuel with a pen to compact it as much as possible into the engine
WARNING: rocket fuel is hot

Step 9: Step 10

When the rocket fuel is solid dry drill a hole on the opposite side of the clay halfway into the engine casing in the middle of the rocket fuel. This will allow space for the nozzle and the rocket fuel to burn from the inside to the outside

Step 10: Step 11

Create a wick to ignite the rocket by taking a piece of cotton string and mixing more potassium nitrate, sugar, corn syrup, and water and covering the string with it

Step 11: Warnings

WARNING: This is a very dangerous experiment that is used for school experiments. Make sure the rocket is far away from any belongings if rocket hits the belonging. Each material mised together creates a dangerous explosive. After rocket is lit stay as far away as possible.

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    8 years ago

    Would've been nice to know what the instruct able was about before reading it


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You need to edit this to have a more sensible title. I suggest you use the new editor, because you can also use it to turn your photos the right way up.

    Important point: it is very dangerous to use a power drill to make your rocket nozzle - the spinning bit could easily generate enough heat to ignite the fuel.

    Also, trying this in some countries could land you in jail.

    Judging by the sudden rush of rocket-fuel instructables, it looks like a class are all posting their work. Could you do me a favour, and ask the class teacher or group leader to contact me?

    They can reply to any of my comments on these projects, but it would probably be better if they send me a PM.