Introduction: How to Make LED React to Music

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Heres a list of parts you will require to make it -

  • Normal LED Strips - RGB Will Also do the work
  • A Speaker System
  • Solder Iron
  • Wires

Step 1: Step 2 - Soldering the Wires (Normal LED Strips)

Just Solder the negative and the positive terminal to the LED strips terminal

Step 2: Step 2* - Soldering the Wires (RGB LED Strips)

For the RGB LED Strips, you can solder particular color ports to obtain the color you want. Above this, you can see the color chart to make out which you gotta mix to get the color you want

P.S.- I'd be uploading a color changing LED Strip Reacting Video

Step 3: Step 3 - Hooking Up to Your Sound System

For Normal LEDs

Take your positive terminal wire and push it in the +ve terminal of the speaker output and the negative terminal into the -ve terminal of the speaker output


Do the same as above but just push the R, G or B wire into the -ve terminal. push two of them together to make a new color!


Go and now boost up your sound systems and enjoy your life! Here are some beat drops which I think you'd Love to play on it - Here is a playlist I made! Have fun!

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