Introduction: Interactive Painting


Step 1

I did Illustration on Adobe Illustrator,after I print it on wood A4 format with laser cut printer

After printing my illustration I get a conductive paint and I paint the black parts of illustration which will be touchable for music !And after waiting 3 hours for drying the conductive paint

Step 1: Step 2: Colors and Music

I paint the illustration with colors

Each of instrument will show the current music instrument

Step 2: Step 3. Bare Conductive Touch Board

I order from internet Bare Conductive Touch board to put music to my painting


In this Step I add the music to the micro cheap

To add music to the micro chip you need micro SD card adapter

First you have to download the music which you want to put on the each part of painting

All the music files have to be in mp3 format only.Insert your reader into the USB on your computer, and then insert the micro SD card from your Touch Board.After in your computer you should open "TB AUDIO"

The important thins is Ithat you have to keep all the files in the top level of the SD card and.In the card you will see tracks titled:TRACK000.mp3TRACK001.mp3TRACK002.mp3up to TRACK011.mp3 so the files you need to replace to input your own choosen music You can create a folder titled "AUDIO GUIDE" to save these music files.elect the mp3 files that you want to put on the board, and drop them in the top level of your micro SD card. and move the Audio Guide tracks to another folder.your Touch Board have to read the audio tracks, and in this case you have to rename your files to :TRACK000.mp3TRACK001.mp3TRACK002.mp3...up to TRACK011.mp3TRACK000.mp3 will be for E0 TRACK001.mp3 will be for E1TRACK003.mp3 will be for E3and etc.After reinsert your micro cheep to the touch board and reset it.After reseting you should hold also GND part with your hand and try

Step 4: Step Connecting Music With Painting

In this step we need alligator clip cable ,usb cable or battery for touch board and speakers

Alligator clip cable is to connect painting with touch board

Usb cable to charge and give electricity to board

Speakers for music sound

Connect everything And make it Work!

Press reset on touch board and connect yellow cable with your painting

Black parts of painting is conductive, so you have to attach one side of alligator clip cable to black part of the painting(the parts which is electro conductive) and another side to the E0,E1,E2,E3 and etc

E1 for is sound which you download to microchip

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