Step 1. Preparation

Introduction: Step 1. Preparation

First, prepare a plastic glass and a brush, two paper cardboard, cut it into 1inch* 4inch, a piece of artificial lichen, glue gun, soldering machine, two LEDs, conductive thread, two battery, and tape.

Step 1: Step 2.

Use glue gun to stick the artificial lichen on the plastic glass. Then we can stick a little holder that can hold the brush.

Then, soldering two LEDs with the thread which positive to negative. Use tape to put two battery together that can make sure after we put them stable in the glass. After that, use conductive tape to stick the positive/negative thread on the positive/negative of the battery. Make sure, the circuit can works.

Then put the LEDs and battery at the bottom of the glass. Use regular tape to stable battery and LEDs.

Step 2: Step3.

Then stick the cardboard on the inner side of the glass to create a "tunnel "and above the battery.

And put the brush into the glass via the "tunnel" we create. Test it to make sure, the LEDs can light up. If not, try to adjust the thread that above the battery. Using brush is to press the thread to connect with the battery.

Step 3: Final

Everything is all set, then use the rest of artificial lichen to cover the materials.

Step 4:

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    Interesting project. But I would recommend adding a descriptive title to the intro and to each step. That would make it a lot easier for readers to skim through.