Step 1.. Supplies.

Introduction: Step 1.. Supplies.

Things that you will need to make a concrete boat include.... Quikrete or other forms of cement, water, a good dry place to work, a mixing tool, gloves, googles, and wood.

Step 1: Step 2.. Mixing.

The second step in making a cement boat is getting the cement prepped. First you add your Quikrete powder and then you will add water. This is where your gloves, mixer, and goggles come into play. Quikrete will burn you if not careful.

Step 2: Step 3.. Making the Mold.

To make a boat you need to make a mold for it to sit in. This is usually made out of wood because wood can easily be pulled off of the drying concrete shape. When you assemble your mold that is when you can begin to pure your pre-mixed Quikrete. Even though Quikrete is fast drying it will still need about three to four days to completely dry.

Step 3: Step 4.. Removing the Mold, Finishing Touches.

After the long drying phase you are easy to remove your mold. Carefully peel away the pieces of wood to reveal your almost finished project. It is a good idea to also go back of the outside if the boat with a sealant of some sort of the Quikrete hydraulic water sealent that we used to patch out bottom and sides. This is also the phase where you can make the boat your own and costumize it.

Step 4: Step 5.. Enjoy.

This phase is all about experimenting. Go test your boat in the open water to see if you succeeded. Have fun and be careful.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If steel/iron haul boats can float, then so can a concrete one.