Introduction: Step by Step Guide: How to Install a Voip System on Your Office.

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Have you ever wanted to make calls using your internet connection? Well i have good news for you, today i bring you 2 options to make calls using your Internet, you will only need to buy an Analog Telephone Adapter and signup for a business VoIP provider such as Switch2Voip or Skype to start making calls worldwide at a fraction of the cost.

You will need?

1- Internet connection: To connect your Analog Phone Adapter (ATA) such as Linksys PAP2 to the internet.
2- AC power outlet: To connect your ATA.
3- Ethernet cable: Connect your ATA to the internet router or modem.
4- Standard analog telephone handset: Connect the telephone to the ATA using a standard telephone cable.


Make sure your internet connection is active, go to your router and connect the ethernet cable to the ATA Linksys PAP2, then connect the ATA to the power outlet, now connect your standard telephone set to the ATA using a regular phone cable, you will see a green light blinking. Depending on the ATA model that you purchased you will need to follow the manufacturer instructions to configure your VoIP account and start making calls.

Don't want to buy an ATA telephone adapter? Just download a softphone, a softphone is a software you install on your computer to make calls over the internet using a VoIP provider, X-Lite works just fine and it's free, after you have downloaded it and installed it just go to settings and configure the username and password of your Voip provider and you will be making calls before you know.