Introduction: Step by Step Instructions (Trebuchet, A1)

These are some of the materials that will be needed

Step 1:

Measure & cut wood

LongWood: 5 ft (x2)

ShortWood: 2 ft (x2)

Step 2:

Place the two LongWood across from each other (this will be the length)

Step 3:

Place the ShortWoods right beside the LongWood at the ends (this is the width)

Step 4:

In order to keep the wood together, screw in your WoodScrews where the ShortWood(s) touch the LongWood(s)

Step 5:

Take two pieces of wood and vertically place them directly across from each other (in the middle of the Long Wood). This will be the stand for the Pivot

Pivot: 3 ft (x2)

Step 6:

Measure & cut diagonal wood

Long Diagonal Wood: 2.80 ft (x2) at an angle, cut the top at 15° and the the bottom at 30°

Short Diagonal Wood: 2 ft (x2) at an angle, cut the top at 15° and the the bottom at 30°

Step 7:

Place the LongDiagonalWood diagonally along the LongWood (starting at the base) and it should touch the top of the Pivot Stand

Step 8:

From the opposite side of the PivotStand (of Step 7) place the ShortDiagonalWood along the LongWood (starting at the base) and this time it should touch below where the LongDiagonalWood touches

Step 9:

Screw in your WoodScrews where the LongDiagonalWood and the ShortDiagonalWood touch the PivotStand and the LongWood

Step 10:

Put a 1.50 inch diameter hole in the top of PivotStand on both sides

Step 11:

Repeat Steps 7 - 9, on the other side

Step 12:

Measure wood (note: there is no need for cutting this time)

Arm: 3.875ft

Crossover Dowel Rod: 2.50ft long 1 inch diameter

Cut a 1.5” hole 1ft from the left end (photo above)

Step 13:

Insert the CrossoverDowelRod through a hole in the middle of the Arm

Step 14:

Then insert “Step 13” at the top, in between of the two PivotStands

Step 15:

Add a 2ft long piece of rope to the shorter side (the ShortArm) and a 6ft rope with a pouch in the middle. The 3ft of rope on the other side of the pouch (should be attached to a pin angled at 60° one angled at 120° and one at 90°). The pins are in order least on the left and greatest on the right. Pic above

Step 16:

Your finished product should look like this